May 4th event

Boardwalk Social

A hiking, social and trail work event

in conjunction with Love My Park Day

Heckscher State Park

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Enjoy our social event packed with activities, hikes and a major trail conservation project.

Bring a box lunch - we provide bottled water and ice.

Bean toss Game with prizes for winners.

Build The Boardwalk

Work on replacing an old section of board walk with a new elevated 60 ft section.

Meet at Parking lot 1 at Heckscher State Park at 8 am.

Bill Raftery and JIm Van Tassell in charge


Add mulch to low areas of the trail


Cut back Phragmities and dig up a few clumps along the trail

3 Mile Hike

5 Mile Hike

10 Mile Hike

Hop and Haul

Lunch Social in Field #1





Play Ground, Rest Rooms and Games available

Build the Boardwalk

Construction of a new elevated boardwalk over the existing boardwalk pictured above. Construction involves using predrilled 6X6X3ft lumber fastened to the old boardwalk with rebar. Placing 2X10X10ft planks on top spaced 2" apart.

Mulch Madness

Move mulch from the drop-off pile to locations along the trail. Good upper-body work out shoveling mulch into wheel barrows and transporting 1/4 mile to site.

Phun With Phragmities

Cut back Phragmites along the trail and dig up some of the clumps near the trail.

3-mile hike 10:45 am start time

Hike Leader - Nancy Manfredonia

Location Field 1 at Heckscher State Park

5-mile hike 10:15 am Start time

Hike leader Quyen

Location Field 1 at Heckscher State Park

10 mile hike "Hop and Haul" 8 am start time

Hike Leader - Shari Zagorski

Location Field 1 at Heckscher State Park

Hug a Trail Adventure with this full body workout!

Hike a few quick miles through Heckscher State Park, then haul some lumber and materials to kick off the boardwalk elevation project, and continue the 10 mile hike up and back on the LI Greenbelt trail. Upon return to the boardwalk area, move mulch with wheelbarrows to help the trail crew mitigate the muddy sections. Bring work gloves and your own lunch for social picnic after with hikers and trail maintainers. A fun and productive trail conservation event for all!

Take Southern State Pkwy east to end in Heckscher State Park; meet at Field 1. Email:

Lunch Social 1-4 pm Box Lunch Social

Location Filed 1 Heckscher State Park

Box lunch social with games for young and old. Bring a lunch and watch the bean bag toss competition, or better yet, participate! Of course, there will be prizes for the winners. And for those bringing younger children to join after the trail maintenance, there also will be chalk drawing, a variety of games, and bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!